Javi Herrero

Sound Design & music composition for video, VR and games

Robot Fortress

Sound design & original music.

Here you can see a demo of audio implementation in a game made using Unity engine.

I made this small game using assets from a tutorial by Unity and then implemented my own sounds

PLAY (In order to play you have to allow webGL in your browser)

Orchestral Score

Soundtrack example.

Original orchestral epic music. The mystic atmosphere of the begining develops to a huge climax after visiting an intimate scene in the middle of the piece.

VR exhibition museum arnhem

Sound Design for web VR experience.
Developed by 01x.Digital

This experience was created to show works made on paper which are sometimes dificult to exhibit. Paper and pencils have a big rol in the development of this experience. That is the inspiration for the sound design for this work.

Visit experience HERE

#No Filter

Sound on set for the sketch #No Filter.
Directed by Anil Wagemans


What would happen if we would get rid of the filters that prevent us from saying what we really think...?
In other words:
Why You Shouldn’t Be Brutally Honest.

Watch Here

Adaptive Skins VR experience

sound design and implementation & music.
Developed by 01x.Digital

VR experience in which the new fabrics developed by Studio Adaptive Skins are moved by blowing at them.

swipe me

Sound on set for web series "swipe me". 6 episodes.
director: André pijnappel

What's the worst thing you've ever experienced on a first date?

This series about first dates and the weird and unusual situations that can come up.

Full episodes


Sound design & music composition

I am a sound artist from Spain living in Rotterdam for 7 years. My work goes from recording, editing, mixing audio to sound design and music composition for different media.

Trained as a musician at CODARTS conservatory my path came across electroacoustic composition, audio edition, recording and sound design in an artistic or strictly comercial way.

Here you can find a selection of works i did for video/VR. Contact me to know more.




NL +31 619 352 014

ES +34 686 360 771